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Matt and Katie met at a festival in the sweet summer of 2009, and instantly thought each other was an idiot in the few brief minutes that cirlcles of friends converged. 3 years later they met again and fell in love. 2 years later they got married twice. 2 years later Matt realised his error in not reading the smallprint 2 years earlier and twins began brewing. A hot and heavy 7 months later and the girls popped up and over a fleshy parapet to say hello.

Our social notworking story began on Matt’s first hard night as a parent sleeping ‘pon the floor of a hospital on the evening our twins arrived. Deliriously instagramming* after his tough day on the labour ward little did either Matt or Katie know they would end up here devoting time to writing about it all! Under the banner of RAD YOUNG THINGS inspired by our twins, this is a space to type away as an extension of our Instagram account; a picture paints a thousands words, but it doesn’t really, so that’s why we’re here!

Matt is an artist and radder but Katie is younger and has a proper job, however even the first part of this sentence is debatable. We live in London and life is but boring here, coupled with twins its both challenging and exciting anywhere we go in the world. Together we hope to be able to show you a little bit of what makes us tick, and what we enjoy that makes us tock. Expect to read musings and mutterings on the meaningful and meaningless, find tips and tales of twin life, and get honest reviews of random radness. Alongside this, you’ll find interviews of interesting humans and inspiring parents with their own businesses.





gerund or present participle: instgramming

to twiddle thumbs at speed whilst simultaneously not doing anything.

“the silly man instagrammed for several hours”