Don’t forget a FATHERS DAY CARD with Royal Mail

The gift of a home made or merely hand written Father’s Day card is the gift that keeps on giving for Dads up and down the country. Whether it’s a few assisted crayon marks carved across a card, or a full on glued down glitter pasta explosion, the love is clear to see.

I’m an artist and a collector (which is a fancy word for hoarder!) so without hesitating I save every scrap of scrawled on paper and card that my girls have created. It would need to be in a bad way before it met the bin to be honest! And that is why every nook, cranny, crevice, shelf, hole, box, draw, cupboard and wardrobe has drawings and cards stuffed in for “safe keeping”.

One day I’ll get round to creating a special memory box to put them all in the same place but…..twins. Twins is my default excuse for not getting anything done. Twins are the perfect antidote to actually having to do anything properly.

Anyways, I digress, today, Friday 15th June is literally the last day you can post mail out for Fathers Day here in the UK!

Recent research conducted by Royal Mail discovered some interesting facts that prove that cards, over any other sort of gift, have the most instant and lasting effect. As well as meals out with the family and hugs from the kids, cards top the list of what makes Father’s Day a good one.

The photos above are of my dad and I. He practically lives in Marrakech now, so I hate to admit that on account of their internal mail service being not quite up to scratch I never manage to get a card out to him. That makes me sad to be honest, but I like to think I make it up to him in other ways to let him know he’s always in my thoughts. Whether I do or not, is another question entirely though…again…I’m going to blame having twins. (You see, it really does work for every excuse!)


In Royal Mails findings, when dads can’t be with their kids, a Father’s Day card was the most valued way for children to show their love for them – selected by 28 per cent of respondents. This is followed by a video call (22 per cent) and a phone call (20 per cent). Of those who preferred a card it was because they could keep it. The figures showed that actually seven out of ten dads have kept all of the Fathers Day cards they ever received. So that statistic makes my collecting (hoarding) seem a little less of a problem!

Whatever you get up to this weekend have a great one!

Disclosure – Royal Mail did get in touch with us to let you know about this last posting day. This is a paid AD.


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