Dads can do a Stag Do – Bic Shave Club for Dishevelled Dads

As I plough headlong through this new life of parenting, priorities have changed and my two are now number one (joint equal with my wife of course!).

Doing something different that doesn’t involve being a dad is difficult. Getting any sort of real time away for yourself is obviously tricky, so when I was granted a golden ticket to spend 4 days away on a stag-do in the lake district I was excited. Nervous too mind, as I certainly hadn’t been apart from the kids for that long, nor my wife for that matter, in the 8 years since we’ve been together. BUT THESE WERE THE SCENES TO COME…(thats me up there!!)

I’m what I believe you could call an extroverted introvert. I love the idea of being out and about with old friends but I can find it over-whelming. It’s possible that this exhaustion of socialising transcends from trying to be two places at the same time; that is to say, trapped in my own head and thoughts whilst trying to be with others. Overthinking what to say and how to be whilst “trying” to appear social whilst analysing situations is an internal high-wire act that requires a lot of emotional energy.

So beyond the the shiny face of it, a golden ticket to a 4 day stag do had it’s problems. I certainly made a few excuses to try and stay behind as I felt it unfair to leave my wife and kids whilst I got very merry indeed. Some of the guys on there trip I hadn’t seen for months, not since last year, through my own overthinking of how a gathering might turn out. I’m not really sure what I fear, sometimes it’s that I don’t feel entirely confident that I have anything interesting to contribute.

Anyways, with all those internal worries put to rest, it was all go and what had been planned for 6 months was finally happening. I’m so glad I went; it was the perfect tonic for the soul and body. Reigniting friendships took simple seconds and the things I imagined would be tough weren’t whatsoever, which is always the case in the end.

I hadn’t been away like this, on a wilderness adventure, for ages, and to be honest, even on a “normal” holiday I always pack too little of something, too much of something else, and none of other things completely. On the rare occasions I do get out I like to get ready in a decent get up and wear something a bit off the beaten track, but as a Dad, I haven’t bought clothes for me for yonks!

I tried to pack light for this trip and definitely didn’t bring enough of anything, but had the relevant essentials so I didn’t look like a total idiot 1700 foot up a ridge. After much boozing and walking and boozing and boozing it’s a must that you also freshen up properly in the A.M whenever that A.M might be. I’ve been working with BIC SHAVE CLUB recently and took this nifty new razor out that I got sent in a smart small package in the post.

I was impressed with the size of the pack, entirely made of cardboard so fully recyclable. You know theres nothing worse than getting things that are trapped in a clear plastic box that tonnes of councils won’t take away.

Bic Shave Club offers a high-quality, time saving solution for busy Dads, and in between looking after twins and getting ready to go up a mountain, finding the time to remember to even put new razor blades on the shopping list is impossible. I have literally been using the same blunt blade on the same old razor for years…so I was excited to trial this out and about on the crags of the Lake District dipped in the fresh water and swiped across my neckline. The actual razor has a great weight to it, makes it feel sturdy but not too cumbersome, and the 5 blade system and the precision one on the rear are easily the best out there if you ask me. The fact that you get sent blades without lifting a finger past the few bits of keyboard tapping you need to do to set up is the real plus.

I can confirm (and recommend) that freshly pruned pores feel electrifyingly good blasted by 20mph winds high up on the rocky hills! I can confirm that taking this bit of kit out on a stag do freshened me up when quite frankly I’d pickled my body in self inflicted booze pain.


The competition is open to U.K residents aged 18 and over and the winner will be announced on Sunday on my TWITTER FEED and INSTAGRAM PAGE


I was sent this small package for free and am reviewing it because its honestly a really useful novel service. #ad


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