Christmas came early for our buck teethed bunnies! Thanks to Bing and his buddies we were able to give the girls a delightful experience and we’d love to share a few of those moments with you. The girls are almost 18 months now and we can tell they know when new things are for them, which brings a level of joy to all involved; their smiles and glinting eyes definitely say thank you, I’m sure of it!

The Bing emblazoned box was big and tearing a centimeter of wrapping paper every 30 seconds whilst squealing “Beeeeeh” (Bing) was not getting us far. Quick maths moved around in whats left of my brain, which calculated it would be open by Christmas 2018. With a bit of help we got the box open and as they peered over, pupils expanded and jaws dropped. It was lush to watch.

Staring out from the box were dozens of Bing eyes, which in a different environment, with the lights out, would be disconcerting, however this was nothing but treasure for the twins!

First to hop out, and be wrenched from baby to baby, was this Fisher Price Toilet Train Bing. He seems life size-ish so I imagine they think he’s real, which is cute. He talks lots, plays hide and seek, so counts to ten and sings lullabies. The pièce de résistance though, is that he periodically pi*ses himself if you play too much with him without providing a pit stop, which my wife and I found hilarious. If the parents can’t have some fun too then what’s the point eh! You can save these accidents from happening by sitting him on the toilet which cleverly activates him and itself to go through the motions.  It retails at an okay 29.99 given the amount of entertaining it does. The girls adore it and it is their new best mate.

I guess we’ll be toilet training these two turd makers soon soooo this is a great starting point, although if they think a potty is a hat we’re all in a world of s**t.

Next up and atom was Bings entire house (!) that opens up like a sink hole has split it in half so you can get right in on the action. It comes with a little Bing and my parenting idol, his carer Flop . There are moving parts and lots of exciting little bits to move around and annoyingly put in all the wrong places. Flop was head first in the toilet upstairs and the sofa had been rammed into the bath; the twins had partied hard, it was carnage of the cutest order! They loved it, as do I. Priced at £29.99 it still isn’t necessarily budget breaking but is big enough to be the big present. Oh yeah, it folds up quite concise too, which is a neat trick cos too many toys are garish space wasters!

We then pulled out a lovely set of first proper cutlery but Suki was much happier using the aforementioned Flop as a basic scooping tool to shovel dinner in later that day. This set only retails at £3.99 and there’s also a matching 3 piece tumbler, bowl and plate set at £7.99 which would make a great little collection of things to throw on the floor at meal times.

The last thing we ever thought would give our girls any joy was a blanket. When I unfurled it and revealed a 6ft tall Bing they temporarily lost the plot, stumbled towards me, tried to hug him, and fell straight through it! A good toy test is how much squabbling goes on around it; this had that affect. Suki seems to have won that battle and she now sleeps with it at night! This Dreemtex Fleece Blanket is £9.99 and is worth its weight in gold in my opinion.

Other gifts which delighted included a cute good quality wooden sandwich box set with sorting and stacking contents which would be fun for imaginary teatimes one day soon. There are various bits in this new range by Fisher Price , including a smart balancing see-saw. Prices are between £9.99 – £29.99. We also look forward to settling down with two Bing books after this bit of Christmas carnage and excitement winds down. There is a great Harper Collins “Bing’s Noisy Day” book which thrills with various shrill noises which is £12.99 and for kids a little older theres a great Christmas themed story called “Bing’s Christmas Wish” which is £5.99.

Personally I’m a big fan of the calm normal aura of Bing, and I think the life lessons are a valuable start so these are all things I can positively get behind.

Whilst this post wasn’t sponsored we were given these Bing items for an honest review and I’ve left out what the girls didn’t fight over! We will be donating surplus bits that haven’t been gnawed on already to the Salvation Army and The Metropolitan Police who operate campaigns on a local level that make sure all children that usually don’t, can enjoy the normal experience and joy of opening presents on Chrismtas Day.

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