Peter Rabbit, quite frankly, deserves an asbo for his daily efforts at ruining the lives of his neighbours; his particular fondness for  antagonising and disrespecting the woodland elders is deplorable. Bing, on the other hand, is a total diddy dude that I am totally down with. The fact that he makes mistakes, learns by them and approaches challenges much the way real children would is really honestly lovable.

This October, I couldn’t resist a pumpkin challenge inspired by Bing. I was asked to create a halloween gourd with the twins based on Bings head. His head is practically pumpkin shaped so I could see this going well, but had neglected to remember that the girls, being only 15 months, have all the coordination of unset jelly and the concentration span of set jelly trying to stay still. As always, we had fun, and just because I like to spend days and weeks perfecting a single painting, getting messy and experimenting is important for the kids development. It’s always a joy to see them experiencing new things for the first time and this project provided plenty of that!

It was nice to be set a creative task we could all enjoy and I’d advise you to go to the Bing website for more Halloween

SO HERE IT IS, OUR BINGSPIRATION HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN VIDEO (which might I add is our first gopro video!). The girls did most of the drawing with the permanent marker pens…I don’t want to be one of those braggy parents…but that’s fairly impressive for 15 month olds who were born 2 months early. Naturally, I did the bits with the sharp tools, so please make sure you are in charge of the situation, supervising everything at all times to keep your kids safe.


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