The twins were born in London, and whilst we had a tough start with the girls, a lot of care and attention went into making sure they were okay and that we were okay. I was recently looking back through the 20,000 photos clogging my phone, and I noticed the first nappies the girls wore were actually Pampers, so I was keen to hear more about them when they recently dropped me a line. We were thrown in at the deep end of parenting when the girls arrived at 31 weeks and 5 days, so we certainly had nothing suitable for our tiny babies. We were amazed at how little those #Pampers nappies were, and I’ll never forget changing them for the first time in and around cords, cables and chiming machinery through the side of the incubator.

When I spoke to Pampers I was impressed and nicely surprised that they are the only nappies made in the UK, and have been #MadeWithLove up north for over 25 years. Based at a production centre in Manchester, a team, which is remarkably made up of 80% parents, puts love and care into the rigorous testing of 1500 nappies a day. That it takes 33 people to test one nappy by hand every day, using 130 different test methods and 24,000 measurements is impressive to say the least.

Life in London is gritty in the city, and we love to let them go for it and explore as they wish. Like other parents though, we’d occasionally love to carry around our kids in giant balls of cotton wool although they’d probably grow up with a complex, so we’re always looking for suitable protection elsewhere. Pampers get this, so much so that they’ve perfected techniques that means their nappies are the only ones recommended by the British Skin Foundation, and will keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours.

Our twins are growing and it’s always exciting to move onto the next size up like they’re graduating to different schools! We enjoyed watching this lovely little video all about what Pampers get up to at their production centre right here in the UK up in Manchester, and it made us happy that our little ones bums have been in safe hands with Pampers along the way.

For more information why not head to the pampers facebook here

And for the full rundown on all things Pampers here is their comprehensive website


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