After a long week being poked, pushed around, and practically pummelled by a pair 1 year olds I was elated to be offered an evening of respite to remind me theres more to life than kids. Pizza Express Live I salute you.

I was fortunate enough to able to attend a Pizza Express Live evening at the newly refurbished Greenwich branch in one of the most historic areas of London. The style of the restaurant, whilst modern, also drew from the local World Heritage Site with brassy tones, antique gold mirrors and wood craftsman finishes like stylish chevron oak panelling.

Various suns, planets and moons had aligned which meant I didnt have to be home until 10.30pm ( gasp, soo late right ) and didnt have work the next day. This meant I didn’t have to be clock watching and could enjoy a good few hours listening to good music whilst eating and drinking which had seemed like a faded dream of yesteryear.

This venue, as well as others across London hosts live entertainment every thursday evening and you can find the Live Playlist to find out who is on right here. I heard as well that they can offer pizza making parties which I think would be quite entertaining.

We were shown to a basement dining area, with its own bar, a stage in one corner, and seating for several dozen acroos various sized tables and around raised areas that ensure views of the acts.¬† Importantly a waitress swiftly spotted I needed a drink and a pint of “I don’t have work tomorrow” that tasted of delicious Peroni arrived soon after.

As the table chatted away and hoisted cameras unusually aloof above heads to capture the perfect arial shots we were entertained with a great acoustic set by Darren Campbell who has a cool Soundcloud account worth a search. The music level was just right and and had definitely been considered ; theres nothing worse than pretending to hear your dining company over intense din.

As a selection of starters and platters arrived I asked to try a delicious Berry Mojito to cleanse the palette. Readers may have spotted my love for pickling so the Sweet Peppers didn’t stand a chance! We were able to choose mains from a fresh autumn menu and I was able to have a delicious¬†Vegan Giardiniera, that amongst a host of great toppings had a dairy free mozzarella alternative which was mighty good.

(My wife found this photo on my phone and told me off for eating meat. In fact it’s a trendy low flying birds eye view of the chap I was sat next to)

Given the variety of acts on at a range of Pizza Express Live locations theres something for everyone. I’d recommend an escape like this from the clutches of the kids, and next time I’ll make sure my wife gets a chance to get lively with me at an event at one of these restaurants!


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